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Food Drabbles For slashthedrabble 02/25/05 - #1-3

Challenge #14 - Food

This week, the topic is "food". The eating of, the playing with, the sex games... *g* And then there's food for thought, food chain, food poisoning, food fight. Perhaps a certain someone looks good enough to eat?

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BtVS – Season 6 – Willow/Tara

1. Berry Good

Willow sits with her back against the headboard; Tara held gently in her lover’s embrace. It’s late Sunday morning and everyone else is either still sleeping or long gone for the day. Either way, their door is locked and the time is their own.

Opening her mouth like a baby bird, Tara waits for her girl to dip another ripe strawberry into a bowl of melted chocolate on the nightstand. She laughs, diverting the dripping fruit to her cheek.

The redhead takes full advantage and wipes up the mess with her tongue, and the rest of the fruit is forgotten.

BtVS – Season 4 – Spike/Xander

2. Creamy Filling

Another night tied to the barcalounger looms ahead and Spike’s about to go out of his mind. He needs a distraction, and luckily, Xander’s just walked down the stairs with an armful of snackfoods.

“Xaaaander,” he sing-songs. “Gimme a Twinkie, pet. I’ll show you how to get the creamy goodness out without usin’ m’hands.”

The boy resolutely ignores his jibes and concentrates on the telly, which he’s so thoughtfully turned away from Spike.

Spike tries again: “Xaaaander, I can think of another nummy treat to wrap my tongue around.” He’s rewarded by the sound of the remote hitting the floor.

BtVS – Season 3 – Giles/Wesley

3. A Daily Cuppa

Inasmuch as the Slayers are still in school, it makes sense to continue meeting in the library, which, by necessity, brings both men together daily. There’s a lot they share: their heritage, the Watcher’s Council, an innate fondness for a good cuppa… not that washed out piss the Americans pass off as tea.

If only he would drop that supercilious attitude, then perhaps he’d invite the man over for a footy match, or a traditional English breakfast. Something two ex-pats could bond over.

When Wesley looks up over his tea and smiles, blue eyes twinkling, Giles’ stomach gives a flip.

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