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Valentine Drabbles For open_on_sunday 02/13/05 - #1-6

Drabble Challenge #99

By popular demand from everybody, this week's challenge is: VALENTINE

Cross posted to open_on_sunday and my regular journal. Might I add that not one of these is hearts and flowers? I didn't dare write Spuffy today.

BtVS – Season 5 – Joyce

1. Bitter Memories

Joyce remembers holding baby Buffy dressed in nothing more than a diaper and angel-wings that first Valentine’s Day, anticipating Hank’s arrival home from work. His favorite dinner, candles, and family... perfect.

When the call comes at 8:00 that he’s being detained by work, it’s the feminine laughter in the background that sets her teeth on edge and she knows he’s at it again.

‘Valentine’s Day – nothing more than a set-up for heartache and misery,’ Joyce thinks. From the anticipation of your first puppy love to your fiftieth wedding anniversary, it’s a day rife for disappointment and grief.

She cries, anyway.

BtVS – Season 6 – Dawn

2. Dear Diary

“Dear Diary,” Dawn writes, drawing little red hearts around the words, “Valentine’s Day is next week and if I’m really lucky, that gorgeous hunk in my English class will be ready to fall at my feet and worship me.”

She’s been trying to butter him up for weeks now by laughing at his jokes, sending adoring looks his way, offering to help him with his homework, letting him cut in front of her on the lunch line... he just has to notice her and fall madly in love.

His mumbled “Thanks, kid. What’s your name again?” nearly breaks her heart.

BtVS – Season 1 – Cordelia

3. Miss Lonely Hearts

Red velvet dress, satin pumps and roses pinned to her dress, Cordelia Chase is the belle of the Valentine’s Ball; fawned over by males and females alike. She’s sought after for every dance and herded into the bathroom for giggles and advice during band breaks.

She’s got a bagload of glittery cards and shiny little tokens of affection and would gladly trade them all to have one boy give her a look that says “I love you,” and means it. Even that little freak Buffy has Xander Harris drooling over her like a lovesick puppy.

Sometimes maintaining a reputation sucks.

BtVS – Season 6 – Xander/Anya

4. Paltry Offerings

With Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon, their wedding is only a few weeks away, and Xander’s heart is in his mouth. How does one pick the perfect present for such a materialistic girl and still have it come off as heartfelt and thoughtful and not jeopardize the impending nuptials?

While Anya values money above all else, it isn’t personal enough. Jewelry? What but a wedding band will be ardently appropriate? Flowers wither and die. Chocolates will make her too fat for her wedding gown.

Xander can’t help but wonder if this is an evil omen of things to come.

BtVS – Season 6 – Giles

5. A Watcher’s Heart

Americans put so much stock in a commercialized holiday. Everything must be paired. Pots with covers, shoes with laces… Watchers with Slayers. But not for him. No longer, anyway. His Slayer has been stripped from him and he’s incomplete, the wounds raw and aching.

Buffy has no need for a Watcher. She’s as alone and bloodied as he, himself, but her friends are mated: Willow with Tara, and Xander has Anya. At least someone will partake of the cheesiness of crepe paper hearts and chocolate roses.

Maybe it’s time to go back home, to nurse his broken heart in private.

AtS – Season 2 – Angel

6. Heart and Soul

Valentine’s Day. The last time Angel paid heed, he’d broken Spike’s by deliberately one-upping him with Drusilla; giving her a human heart in place of his shiny little trinket. Of course, he lays the blame on Angelus, as if he’s a totally separate entity, but he knows better.

Now he watches as Gunn and Wesley ply Cordelia with chocolates. Her happy squeals and smiles don’t cheer him up as much as make him feel more depressed. He has nothing to offer her, and feels guilty for the pain she suffers due to the visions.

So he sits and broods, alone.

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