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Switch Drabbles For slashthedrabble 02/10/05 - #1-4

It's challenge time again - #12 - Switch

Yes, this week we want you to think about the possibilities inherent in 'switch'. Is someone tinkering with an electrical circuit or appliance? Is someone in need of a striped bottom? Maybe someone has changed something without letting their significant other know? Did someone wake up in the wrong body this morning?

Barely squeaked in under the deadline. **smooches willshenilshe**. Cross posted to slashthedrabble and my regular journal.

BtVS – Pre-Series – William/Angelus - 4 100 word drabbles

Turn About

William senses the approaching dusk, and languidly stretches out upon the family bed, reaching for a wake-up shag with Drusilla, or a grope and fondle session with Angelus. If Darla wants him, she’ll be the one doing the reaching.

Something is off, however. His finely honed sense of self tells him that his limbs are too heavy and he feels a strength coursing through his body that wasn’t there when he fell asleep.

The bed is empty and he calls out, startled by the sound of his voice. The dulcet tones of Angelus issue from his lips, and William smiles.


When Angelus awakens, he surveys the family bed. William is bundled under the covers like a burrowing mole as is his habit. Darla holds herself aloof on the left side of the bed, allowing no touch to disturb her slumber. Drusilla lies with the covers chastely tucked in under her chin and Angelus’ libido also awakens as he sweeps her out of the room for a rollicking fuck.

Plans go awry as Dru begins to giggle. “Someone’s switched the Knight with the King and now the other players don’t make sense.”

He looks around, wondering why his perspective feels off.


William wanders out to find his Sire, staring in wonder at the body he’s not seen in years. A handsome fellow if he must say so himself.

“Guess you pissed off a witch during last night’s hunt, mate,” William sneered, staring down for a change, marveling at the feeling of power Angelus’ height gives him. “Wonder if this’ll wear off before I get into Her Highness’ knickers.”

“Lay one finger on Darla and I’ll…”

“You’ll what? She’ll flay you whole before she listens to a word out of your mouth.”


Angelus glowers, knowing William speaks from experience. Darla is not the most reasonable of vampiresses.

“You can always distract me from my goal,” William counters, Angelus’ brown eyes twinkling as a plan forms in his mind. “We can keep each other quite busy until we switch back to ourselves. Be nice to take you on for a change. For appearance’s sake, mind. Just in case Darla happens on by.”

The brass on the lad! However, the idea is just intriguing enough. Just this once perhaps, and nobody will be the wiser. Except for Dru, and nobody listens to her anyway.

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