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Now I Am Officially In An Unhappy Mood

Gacked from nimuetucker

Fun Size Candy:  A.K.A Mommy & Daddy's!
Fun Size Candy

You are all about having Fun in a Big way! Keep up
the good work. Hopefully, Mom & Dad won't pick
all of the good stuff outta the bag.

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I am staring morosely out my livingroom window - and watching it SNOW. Freaking October 23rd... and it's SNOWING. Not a good portent of things to come.

I have tried to find a decent copy of Hellbound to download... buffy.nu is giving me hell, and not allowing me to download the bittorrent thingie, and the pieces aren't downloading, and tried one IM download which aborted itself, and Kazaa sources aren't coming through. Waahhhhhh!

It's freezing in the house, the heat isn't really doing much, and I don't want to send it up too high 'cause I HATE having to pay for it, and the thought of turning on the water to do the dishes by a drafty kitchen window which just blows across my wet hands is NOT appealing.

Have I bitched enough yet? Feeling sorry for me yet? Please???

Got calls from my brother and elder son this afternoon, and we cried about the lousy end to the Yankee game last nite - and re-umped the whole game, calling the right calls, and sending "NEVER PUT WEAVER IN AGAIN" vibes to Joe Torre.

Did read some lovely fic from pepperlandgirl4, Mad World (complete), and Mad Brilliant (wip). Quite an unusual AU, and not fluffy Spuffy at all - but very intriguing.

A residual ghost is supposedly an event or emotion
which has been caught in the location it
happened. Seeing one is, in essence, like
watching a movie. The "ghost" is a
memory just being replayed under similar

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Cancelled a session with a peer counselor... was feeling too depressed to tell her about my depression. Made sense to me when I got up today... not so sure it was a good idea, now. C'est la vie.

Only thing to look forward to this evening is another World Series game - and trying to hold on to the belief that the Yankees are gonna win. Made my son happy, tho - he has tickets to the 6th game, in New York! Makes cyclical sense - was there at the first game of the season, and now, hoping to be there at the last game of the year... hopefully both wins.
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