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Cause And Effect Drabbles For slashthedrabble 02/03/05 - #4-6

This week, the topic is "cause and effect". What happens when... if... and then? Take it, let your slashy little hearts run with it, and go wild!

Cross posted to slashthedrabble and my regular journal.

Three First Kisses Drabbles can be found HERE.

BtVS/AtS – Three First Times

2. First Times

a. Pre-Series – Angelus/William (R-ish)

William is a virgin at his turning, and Angelus loses no time informing the fledgling vampire of his forthcoming change in status. In fact, he takes great pains to disabuse him of the notion that he wields any more power as a vampire than he did as a human.

Stripped naked, hands chained to the ornate scrollwork of the heavy brass headboard, William is taught submission and defeat at the hands and cock of a master.

His own desires become secondary; his need to please honed to painful excess. It will remain part of his makeup until his final death.

b. BtVS – Season 7 – Spike/Xander (R)

It all starts with that single kiss. Over the course of days, one kiss turns to many, which leads to shoulder rubs easing nightmare-tense muscles. From there, it’s only a puddle jump to shirtless backrubs, steaming showers and full body frottage.

Sleep dazed, Xander awakens to the feel of Spike’s lube-slick fingers preparing his body for… Holy Moly! Held in a tight spoon, the vampire slips inside with a minimum of discomfort. Thanks to Anya’s predilection for experimentation, it’s a feeling he’s come to enjoy.

It’s a gentle fuck – not meant to bring completion, but comfort. Seems they’re both needy.

c. AtS – Season 5 – Lineage – Wesley/Gunn (R-ish)

Tales of Angel and Spike’s parental murders aren’t as soothing as they’re meant to be, and Wesley sets off in search of… companionship. He doesn’t look for Fred. She’s too tied into what went down earlier. Lorne? Too upbeat to cope with right now.

That leaves Gunn.

Neither man harbors secret thoughts of the other late at night or all alone, yet the stress of the day draws them together like shoes and laces. It isn’t planned or thought out, and that’s what makes it work. Hours later, they lie together in post-coital bliss; coffee-colored limbs entwined with English cream.

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