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Cravings Drabbles For open_on_sunday 01/30/05 - #1-3

This week’s challenge is: CRAVINGS

Cross posted to open_on_sunday and my regular journal.

BtVS – Season 6 – Wrecked – Buffy/Spike

1. Under My Skin

Buffy feels like the poster child for stupid vampire stereotypes. Sitting in the middle of her bed, holding a large wooden cross – garlands of garlic bulbs draped around her window – the only thing keeping Spike out of her house must be gales of laughter. He’s the only vampire she knows that makes a habit of eating spicy chicken wings, onion-thingies and pizza… all loaded with the pungent herb.

His words echo in her ears: “You’re gonna crave me, like I crave blood.” If only he knew the half of it. But she can’t allow it – she won’t. Because it’s… wrong.

BtVS – Season 4 – Post Something Blue – Anya

2. The Chipped Wonder

It’s not her fault. Really, it isn’t. If it wasn’t for Willow’s spell, Anya never would have gotten a taste for the chipped wonder. Hot, cold, it didn’t matter. The feel as her teeth sank through the surface. The taste bursting on her tongue… she craved more.

Gods, the world would kill for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Not the generic, tasteless kind you can pick up in the supermarket. No, they had to be made at home. Maybe it was the guilt that brought out the exquisiteness in the sugary treat.

If only she knew how to bake them.

BtVS – Season 6 – Once More With Feeling - Giles

3. Sing A Song Of Woe

Dear Lord, will it never stop? Meter-maids singing of tickets, bank tellers singing whilst counting change… garbagemen hauling their oversized… cans around, caterwauling as if their lives depended on it.

Even at home, alone, there is no peace to be found. Giles can’t keep his own songs from escaping. He’s so full of doubt about his path and Buffy’s, and each and every fear wants its own moment in the sun.

Sleep sounds like a lovely idea. Maybe, just maybe, he can fall into a deep slumber and forget about singing his woes. Or would he sing in his dreams?

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