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Sound Drabbles For open_on_sunday 01/23/05 - #4-6

This week the challenge as recommended by tastylilgifty: SOUND

Cross posted to open_on_sunday and my regular journal.

BtVS – Season 6 – Post Smashed – Spike/Buffy – R, for wordage

4. She Says

Fucking Buffy is an all out sensory experience. She fucks like she fights, putting everything into it. She bites and claws, stripping flesh from bone and hair from scalp. When he calls her an animal, he means it literally.

It’s her noises Spike strives for. The grunts as their bodies impact. The mewls as his tongue finds the particularly sensitive spot between her legs or behind her ear. The howling yips when he nips at her dusky nipples until they bruise.

She can close her eyes and pretend he’s someone else, but her body sings its melodies just for him.

BtVS – Season 6 – Post Smashed – Buffy/Spike – R, for wordage

5. He Says

Fucking Spike is an experience unlike anything else. He doesn’t sweat or smell, he’s flexible as an alley cat, and he’s never quiet.

He roars when he penetrates and purrs he’s ridden. A true beast in bed, though he adamantly refuses to go gameface. Buffy wonders if she’ll stake him if he drops fang during sex and watches him struggle for control.

No matter how hard she grinds or beats, Buffy can’t block out his words: “Come for me, luv.” “So bloody hot, pet.” “Fuck, Slayer. You’re killin’ me all over again.”

All she hears is: “I love you, Buffy.”

BtVS – Pre-Series – William/Drusilla

6. The Siren’s Lure

William stands, transfixed, at the vision before him. That a woman would look so directly at himself, so eager to entice him with the soft hum of her voice. The tinkle in her laugh. The brightness of her gaze.

“I see what you want. Something glowing and glistening. Something... effulgent,” she croons, weakening his knees and resistance.

“Do you want it?”

“Oh yes. God yes,” he cries, the sound of his heartbeat pounding in his ears blocks out all other sound.

She bites, drawing deeply, leaving him feeling giddy as the rush of blood leaves his body. Until it stops.

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