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Scent Drabbles For slashthedrabble 01/20/05 - #4-5

Challenge #09 - Scent

This week's topic is 'scent'. What aroma captures your imagination? Pheromones? Chocolate? Cigarette smoke? Blood? Someone else's cologne on a lover's skin? Or maybe it's demon slime or burnt offerings or the antiseptic smell of a hospital corridor?

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AtS – Season 5 – Angel, Wesley, Spike

4. Green Eyes

Angel snarls as he pushes past his grandchilde and catches a familiar scent. Old paper and English tea mixed with Spike’s regular scent of stale cigarettes, leather, and whiskey. What was Wesley doing hanging around with the bleached menace?

He knows there’s no love lost between the two Brits. Spike practically drips disdain in Wes’ presence, and Wesley barely tolerates Spike. Would Wes smell as strongly of Spike? Should he go and check it out?

Images of the two men entwined run through his mind; all pale limbs and loud moans.

And Angel wonders whom he is more jealous of.

AtS – Season 2 – Wesley, Connor, Angel

5. All For the Love of You

Wesley holds little Connor against his shoulder and inhales deeply. He breathes in the smells of talcum and stale baby spit-up. A most precious bundle, indeed.

The apple of his father’s eye.

And yet, he’s secretly preparing to spirit the child away. Bloody prophesy translates: The father will kill the son. The only way to protect them both is to remove the possibility of it being carried out. Connor will be safe, Angel will never bear the grief of murdering his own flesh and blood.

So why does his own heart break at what will surely be seen as betrayal?

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