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Taste Drabbles For slashthedrabble 01/13/05 - #1-6

This week's topic is 'taste'. The taste of food or the taste of sex? A kiss: the taste of tea or the taste of a victim's blood? The only limit is your imagination!

Cross posted to slashthedrabble and my regular journal (which is thankfully back online!!!)

BtVS – Pre-Series – Angelus/Spike

1. Longing to Taste

He watches from the shadows, unable to tear his eyes away from the monster gleefully ripping away another human life. Because of him. In homage to him. Barely past fledgling status, his boy has taken on a Slayer and won.

Sickened to his soul by the tableau, Angelus can’t help but want to reach out – to lick the blood from William’s… no, Spike’s lips. Past the taste of the empowered fluid, straight through to the cool heat of the boy, himself.

Instead, he stays in the background, knowing that his hunger will never again be sated. He has to leave.

AtS – Season 5 – Spike/Angel

2. Bitter Dregs

Enough, Spike thinks. How much is a soul expected to stand? He’s been there before. Unloved, unwanted, unacknowledged. This last stint as a ghost brought it all back with a vengeance Anya would have been proud to own up to.

The office is skeletally staffed as he wanders the halls alone, footsteps echoing through the empty halls. He’s got no place to go. Nowhere to be. Nobody who waits for him. Spike recalls Angel’s flippant words denying his place in the world… in his life.

And all he can taste are his own tears, cool and bitter on his tongue.

BtVS – Season 3 – Giles/Wesley

3. Tea Cozy

Awkward didn’t even begin to describe Wesley Wyndam-Pryce’s arrival in Sunnydale. His arrival in the library had been greeted with disdain and cutting dismissal from his Slayer and her ex-watcher. Rather like his father. Just because he was used to it didn’t make it hurt less.

But Rupert Giles reminds him of home. So much to learn from the man if he’ll allow. How to handle the snippy Miss. The role the other children play in her life. What Earl Gray tastes like when it’s licked slowly off of another man’s lips.

Wesley sighs. A man can dream, can’t he?

BtVS – Season 7 – Giles/Andrew

4. A Taste for Tweed

Andrew sits in the background, watching the surety with which the older man moves. All it takes is a phone call and Mr. Giles is off like a shot to some far flung corner of the world, gathering yet another potential in the fight against the Vampyres.

To command such loyalty and devotion, that’s what he dreams about. To have people jump at his beck and call. To garner respect. Not to mention how the tweed makes him hot, and not in that sweaty, uncomfortable way. Or maybe… yeah. Maybe when it’s all over, he’ll ask to work with him.

AtS – Season 5 – Lorne

5. Despair in a Glass

Lorne sits at an unknown bar, drinking himself numb; knocking back one drink after another, and he doesn’t care. It’s the ideal state for what’s ahead of him. After this goes down, there’s no going back. He’s already told Angel they won’t meet up again. Not to look for him.

He hums to himself, saddened at what it reveals. Looks like the decision to meet the vamp will be taken out of his hands after all. Maybe he was a tad hasty in writing them all off. Maybe…

Lifting a glass, Lorne toasts his friends, and prays for their souls.

AtS – Season 1 – Wesley/Angel

6. A Taste of Hope

It’s a pleasure, Wesley muses. So different from his disastrous beginnings in Sunnydale. He sits basking in the warmth of Angel’s kitchen, the smell of eggs so strong in the air he can taste them.

The former Watcher is grateful for the chance he’s being afforded, after his fear and dismissal of the vampire last year. Angel’s opened his home and his life - invited him in. And yes, there is still Miss Chase to deal with, but he can afford to be charitable. Everyone is entitled to a new beginning.

Breakfast is served with a side dish of hope.

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