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Watching Drabbles For open_on_sunday 11/14/04 - #1-10

This week the challenge is - watching.

" It could be somebody watching someone else. Or watch as in what you wear (tick tock tick tock) or... um... is there any other way to use watch? Oh yeah, watching TV. Watching a movie. Yeah."

BtVS – Season 6 – Spike/Buffy

1. Watching Buffy Sleep

Spike sits in the tree in front of her house, able to peer into her bedroom window. He’s got a lovely view of her bed, andsettles in for the night.

He watches the steady rise and fall of her chest as she sleeps, her face relaxed as it never is when she’s awake. As he never gets to see after they…

Five foot something, the weight of the world on her bony shoulders, Spike wonders how she even closes her eyes. As if in answer to his unasked question, she stirs in her sleep, a frown betraying the turmoil inside.

BtVS – Season 5 – Checkpoint – Spike and Dawn

2. To Be, Or Not To Be

Something is off and it’s playing havoc with his senses. Spike’s lived too long to ignore his instincts now, so he settles back to pick things apart.

Slayer’s mum and kid sister watching Passions in his crypt; real enough in a surreal way. Little one standing up for the blonde witch? Yeah, very real. Bratling peeking in from the stairs during the brokered truce over Acathla? Real. He’d vamped out and sent her scurrying. Or did he?

How can he remember it two ways? With and without the little girl? He’ll just have to keep an eye on them all.

BtVS – Season 5 – Crush – Spike and Joyce

3. Mama’s Boy

Spike watches as Joyce scurries around the kitchen fetching the ingredients for hot chocolate. For a moment, he’s whisked back in time to his home, watching his own mother potter about with bowls and pans. It didn’t happen often… they had Cook for daily meals, but she would put her own touch to things when he was ill, or feeling low.

And isn’t it odd that he gravitates to the Slayer’s mum for compassion. So much like his own. Looks past the outside bluster to the marshmallow center. Still a mama’s boy after all.

He stops watching, and just enjoys.

BtVS – End of Season 7 – Spike

4. Little Boy Lost

Fetching a mug of blood from the finally quiet kitchen, Spike finds Andrew spying on Anya and Xander. He can hear them try and make small talk, like they’re actually friends now, but he knows better. If it weren’t for the end of days, they’d never see eye to eye on anything.

He laughs silently at his stupid pun, holding tightly to the regret that almost chokes him for not being fast enough to keep the boy whole.

Maybe he’d do better by healing his heart… let him know that the little boy’s more than interested. Perhaps after the battle.

BtVS – Pre-Season 3 – Joyce

5. Little Girl Lost

She doesn’t sleep anymore, and she hates coming home from the Gallery. The house is so empty with her daughter missing. How did things go so far? When did she become her own shrew of a mother, issuing threats she’d never follow through on?

And why didn’t Buffy know she didn’t mean a word out of her mouth that night?

Joyce takes up her nightly vigil at the window, staring down the tree-lined street, straining her eyes for a glimpse of her girl. When the sun sets, she turns on the porch light, hoping Buffy will find her way home.

BtVS – Season 5 - Dawn

6. Little Miss Show Off

Dawn watches the ‘cool’ clique in the lunchroom, all gathering to show off the senior rings from their older boyfriends. Nothing but status symbols, even someone as naive as she can see that. They didn’t care for anyone or anything, just what they looked like to everyone else.

If only Spike were human and in her school, she’d show them all. She’d wear Spike’s clunky silver rings and his leather duster. And they’d drool enough to drown over Dawn Summers’ so cool boyfriend.

In the meantime she sits alone, watching everyone else have fun. One day she’ll have someone special.

BtVS – Season 6 – All the Way – Anya

7. The American Consumer

The store is full to bursting with humans eager and willing to spend their cash on her over-priced merchandise. As the clock ticks on, Anya becomes more and more enthralled with the idea of holiday sales. The closer to closing the shop gets, the more frantic the customers are to throw money at her.

She pulls back to watch it all, allowing her friends and partner the privilege of serving the masses. Imagine the frenzy of a Christmas sale.

Demons have always been described as being greedy, but it’s the humans who’ve made an art form out of mass consumerism.

BtVS – Season 7 – Amanda

8. Sister Slayers

Amanda drops from exhaustion. The training regimen led by both Buffy and Faith is grueling to say the least, and her legs cramp from overwork. She begs off, needing to ride out the pain and just sit for a spell, knowing she won’t have the luxury during battle.

Like night and day, they are. Only it’s the blonde she ascribes the darkness to. Two vampire lovers. Yeah, she’s heard all the stories from Dawn and seen the looks from Spike.

Faith, on the other hand, flares bright and hides nothing. Amanda worries that she’ll burn out if she’s not careful.

AtS – Season 5 – Spike and Wesley

9. Insight

It makes him uncomfortable to note similarities between Wesley and himself. For all the darkness emanating from him, Spike sees the little mouse, chasing after Fred for a crumb of affection like he did from Buffy – and even further back – from Cecily.

He could see the ex-Watcher running scenarios in his mind, rehearsing conversations with her under his breath, and never once approaching the woman, herself. This will not possibly end well, as Spike knows from personal experience.

The urge to tell him to get on with it is so strong, but Wesley won’t even look him in the eyes.

AtS – Season 5 – Post Shells – Spike and Illyria

10. Fredless

“See what makes her tick,” Angel says. “See how quickly she can defeat you,” Wesley mocks. “And don’t forget to note it all down on the clipboard.”

Spike stands in the observatory room, looking at the creature who used to be Fred. He tries to find the slightest remainder of the girl who’d cared for him. By smell alone, he knows she’s gone, but he tries anyway.

The tilt of her head, her stilted body movements… total disdain for everything not her… the cold God-bitch has devoured all.

As if on cue, she looks up at her watcher, and smirks.

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