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Trick-or-Treat Drabbles For open_on_sunday 10/31/04 - #1-3

This week's topic is Trick-or-Treat.

Three double drabbles for your reading pleasure.

BtVS – Pre-Series/Season 6 – All the Way – Willow

A Familiar Kitten

Willow Rosenberg sits in her backyard, moping as if her heart is broken. Seven years old and her parents won’t let her go Trick-or-Treating anymore with her friends. They said she was old enough to realize that Halloween is a Pagan holiday at heart, and far too commercial in practice. She got the same excuse about not attending Christmas parties substituting Christian for Pagan.

In-between sobs, she spies a black kitten crossing the yard. She tries the stealthy approach, sneaking up behind the animal, but the crackle of dried leaves gives her away and the kitten scampers into the woods.


Willow wants to strangle the next person who says witches are all hairy moles and rotten teeth, when the little girl in the pointy hat, taffeta costume and fake wart toddles up with her bag open for candy and she gets all melty. Especially when she sees the black cat on the orange bag.

She remembers the black kitten in her backyard when she was little. She’d known even then her mother would never allow the animal in the house, but was drawn to it anyway.

Black cats and witches… perhaps there’s something to be said for stereotypes after all.

BtVS – Pre-series/Season 1 – Welcome to the Hellmouth – Xander

Into the Woods

The children run through the streets, bleating their excitement and peeking into each other’s goody bags as they collect candy from house to house. Not Alexander Lavelle Harris. No siree, no fun for this ten year old boy. His parents refuse to ‘waste money on rags he’ll never wear again’ so he has no costume for Halloween.

Gathering goodies to stuff into his backpack, Xander runs and hides in the woods, determined to make them worry.

He spots a man wearing a bumpy mask and funny teeth, and for some reason ducks behind a tree until the man passes by.


The memory of his night in the woods slams into Xander’s mind watching Buffy try to save Willow and Jesse from the vampires in the crypt. He staggers as he realizes how close to death he came that night.

Unfortunately, while they get Willow out safe and sound, Jesse is not so lucky. Their best friend; already bitten, and more than likely drained by the time the sun rose.

No more hiding in the woods. Vampires are real and God knows what else is out there. He’ll make sure Buffy gets all the help she needs to keep everyone safe.

BtVS – Post Family - Season 5 – Tara

Season of the Witch

Tara asks to go out Trick-or-Treating with her classmates, after promises to do all her chores first. The thought of dressing up and sugary goodness makes her giddy, and she bounces on the balls of her feet as she waits for his answer.


The eight year old reels as her father’s backhand bruises her cheek. She strains to hold back her tears, having learned by the age of five that they only enraged the man further.

Her brothers gather ‘round as their patriarch preaches on about the “devil’s holiday” and the temptation of all things ungodly.

Tara finally cries.

Samhain approaches, and as they decorate for the holiday, she brushes her hand across her cheek in remembrance of a bruise long gone but not forgotten.

Tara’s step is light as she stretches the autumn-colored garlands across doorways and cabinets. She holds up each and every scented candle as it’s placed lovingly in its stone or glass holder. The place is awash in golds, browns, oranges, and reds.

She had thought the best thing she’d ever done was leave home, but she’d been mistaken. The best thing she ever did was find home in the heart of her beautiful Willow-tree.

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