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Here, Here!

Lifted the following directly from willshenilshe:

This may be random, but on behalf of myself, who has been following reality_bends like a fiend these past few days, how about a rousing HOORAH for flaming_muse? She's doing a bang-up job today.

If you read this, I just wanted to let you know you were appreciated, flaming_muse and wesleysgirl, for all your time and effort spent on reality_bends!

Hell, why not? I'll make it a meme. If you appreciate reality_bends, cut and paste the previous paragraph to your LJ. They work hard at giving us a fantastic story to follow.

My own two cents? I've followed this from the beginning, and now my heart is once again firmly stuck between my teeth. Exceptionally well written, and certainly more than beloved and appreciated.
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