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Bleacher Buddies Unite!

Okay - where are all my baseball pals? It's time to set up the popcorn bowls and the sodas - and clear the way to the little ballplayers' room: It's the Yankees/Boston 3 game sorta down to the wire playoff for all the marbles weekend.

Yes, it's nice to be playing with the knowledge that no matter what happens, we'll still be in post season play - but there is Yankee pride on the line, guys! Come, root for your favorite team... I'll share my goodies with you, even if you're not fans of my babies. You know who you are!!! vampkiss and misanthrope7842, I've saved seats for you. spikedluv... got a seat on the other side for you.

Come on... keep me company in agony and ecstasy tonight at 7 pm, EST.
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