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Faith Drabbles For open_on_sunday 09/05/04 - #1-3

This week's topic is Faith.

Cross posted to open_on_sunday and my regular journal.

BtVS – Season 5 – Buffy/Spike & Dawn

1. You Gotta Have Faith

Buffy can hear the music blaring twenty feet from his crypt. The lyrics are infuriating. “You gotta have faith!” blaring over and over. She knew it was irrational to equate George Michael lyrics with the Slayer gone bad – the girl who tried to take over her life – but hearing her name in the vicinity of yet another of her vampires felt like territorial infringement.

Sneaking into the crypt’s lower level, she finds Spike and Dawn sashaying their hips and laughing, having fun passing the time.

Wishes she could laugh with them, but backs out silently, no faith in her welcome.

BtVS – Season 7 – Chosen – Andrew

2. The Final Battle

Oh God! Oh God! We’re all gonna die! Standing in the school corridor with Anya a few feet away from him; nothing between them and the approaching hoard of Turok‘han but two swords, Andrew was sure his death was imminent.

It wasn’t like the great and glorious battles in Star Wars. This was real. There would be no Han Solo swooping in to save the day. Andrew had no faith in the ex-demon’s ability to stave off the monster vamps.

He just hoped he could buy the Slayer and her vampire a few precious seconds in their battle for good.

BtVS – Season 7 – Spike/Faith

3. Ice Cream Dreams

Faith saunters down the basement stairs, hips bumping and grinding to the music in her headphones. She carries an ice cream cone, an offering to the chained, triggered, souled vampire lying on the cot.

“Hey, big guy. Wanna… lick?” She smiles wide, eyes flashing an invitation she hopes he’ll accept.

He’s not overly enthusiastic. “That cone for me, pet? You’ll have to bring it here ‘cause I’m a little tied up.” Spike sighs. What is it with Slayers?

She tucks the cone into her cleavage and bends over, thrusting it close enough to reach. “Gotta have a little faith, Blondie.”
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