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Free Drabbles For open_on_sunday 08/22/04 - #1-3

This week is going to be Free Week. That means, open challenge!

My gods, people... I haven't drabbled in several months of Sundays. Here are three from me, and you never know... if inspiration doesn't strike elsewhere, there may be more before the deadline. Hope you like.

BtVS – AU Futurefic – Buffy/Spike

The Golden Years

She sits on the front porch of their home, waiting for her husband to bring the lemonade out. In a few days, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be visiting for a celebration of their fiftieth anniversary.

Buffy can’t believe she’s made it to seventy-three years old. And married to Spike, who’s seventy six. Who turned human when the Hellmouth closed; transported to the surface as the bus was about to pull away from the school.

Through illness, sorrow, and happiness, they’ve managed to live a full life. The Slayer and the ex-Vampire.

A cautionary tale for the modern world.

BtVS – AU My Innocence Found Verse – Little Spike and Buffy

My Heart Belongs to Buffy

Spike awakens to a thump-thump noise. He’s cuddled up next to Buffy, and can feel her heartbeat against his ear. He puts his hand on her chest and can feel it move up and down with the rhythm of the beat.

He places his hand against his own chest and feels… nothing. He’s also much cooler than she is. Maybe his cover slipped in the middle of the night. Or maybe vampires are different.

Differences don’t matter – he loves her. He lays his head down on her chest and the soft thumping of her heart lulls him back to sleep.

BtVS – Season 6-ish – Double Drabble – Buffy and Spike

Meow Mix

“Here, kitty, kitty,” Buffy croons, trying to coax the tattered tabby out from under the car. A half hour on her knees and she’s rewarded. A little orange ball of fluff with a torn ear and a crooked tail sniffs daintily at her fingers.

Buffy picks… her up, cuddling the little fuzzball. “Maybe I’ll take you home, precious. It’s a big, bad world out here.”

“Oi, Slayer,” Spike yells from across the street. “Hand over the tabby if you don’t mind. She belongs to me.”

She’s about to argue when Tiger – as Spike calls her – jumps into his arms and nuzzles his cheek.

“Didn’t figure you for a cat person, Spike.” Buffy pouts. Obviously she’s Spike’s kitten. The affection she’s showing for the vampire surprises her. “Are you sure she’s not gonna end up as an stake in your poker games?”

Spike was clearly offended. “I’ll have you know, Slayer, that Tiger here’s second generation mine. Had her mama for a couple of years before she left for greener pastures.”

As Buffy turned to continue her patrol, he sighed and called out to her. “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you dropped in for a visit every now an’ then.”

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