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Lawyer - Still Not Ex - BitchFest Post

Please feel free to ignore, but I would rather have your opinions on this freaking, sucky mess:

Mr. Kahn,

I have been out of work for over one year and need to renegotiate our agreement. I'm forced to accept a position this week that pays less than half the income I was making. My rent has increased over 30% and I can't afford $1,000 a month for alimony. Being very realistic, I would agree to $400 per month alimony for the balance of the last agreement. I should also not be held accountable for the last year's alimony. If this is not agreeable with Andrea, then we must have this resolved in front of a judge. Believe me, I want this divorce to be finalized as quickly as possible.

Shit Head

He walked out in 2000 with no warning after 25 years of a disintegrating marriage. He'd been rutting around with a younger bitch for two years before he left and lying about it. He didn't want to pay me a dime - said it's over and that's that when he walked out. He's belittled and negated me in every way possible, especially to our children. He's been completely out of touch for one year after his last payment in August 2003, both with me, and the lawyer. Now it's a basic blackmail plot - wait until I'm homeless and desperate and make me accept less than I could probably get in public assistance and not be held responsible for past debts. Bastard!

So - anyone have any thoughts? Any words of wisdom? Any emotional support cause I feel like I'm about to die and it doesn't look like to bad an idea anymore? Money? Voodoo experience? Hitmen for hire?
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