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Seems I've been so busy perusing everyone else's LJ's, that I've neglected to enter anything into my own.

Not that I actually have anything to say, but... you get the idea.

Watching the World Serious, of course... where else would a good little Yankee fan be?

Went out shopping today, and bought up enough sugar to make all the kiddies in Montpelier hyper for Halloween. Have to bag it all, before I get a hold of it and it doesn't make it to Halloween. Don't want to spend that kind of money twice.

Also, bought a copy of one of my most favorite childhood books... Harold and the Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson. **sighs** Brought back many happy memories... reading that is - cause the childhood sucked.

Looking forward to a WONDERFUL day tomorrow - cleaning, washing, paying bills, addressing cards... and then... computer time. Wonder which I'll actually accomplish. Anyone want to take bets?

Wishing eurydice72 and her hubby a safe flight to the States.
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