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Bowie Song Titles Drabble For open_on_sunday 06/06/04 - #4

This week let's use David Bowie song titles as inspiration/somethingorother for drabbling.

BtVS – Pre Series - Buffy

Little Miss Emperor

Three year old Dawn is napping in her bedroom. Hank isn’t there to celebrate Buffy’s birthday. An emergency at work keeps him away. Pictures and leftover cake would have to suffice.

Ten years old and already holding court. Buffy sits on the couch, surrounded by twenty little girls in their party finery – each one holding a brightly wrapped box in their laps. One by one they walk over to Buffy and hand her their present, which she accepts with a tilt of her head and a gracious smile.

Joyce dutifully records each gift on film as the empress accepts tribute.