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Endings Drabble For open_on_sunday 05/23/04 - #3

Last of the willa_writes challenge drabbles!

BtVS – Season 6 – Older and Far Away – Spike

Desperate Captive

Spike knew he wasn’t really invited to Buffy’s birthday celebration. Didn’t stop him from showing up, of course – beer and Clem in tow. It was easy to blame Red’s loose lips, too. Better than saying he was a lonely, pathetic loser holed up in a crypt. They all knew it, anyway.

Dealing with the ‘muscle cramp’ in his pants, fighting that sword demon, playing cards with Buffy… it wasn’t a hardship being locked inside the house. Not for him.

When Halfrek – who was definitely Cecily – broke the spell – she broke his heart for a second time. He wanted to stay.
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