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Endings Drabble For open_on_sunday 05/23/04 - #1

willa_writes and I are doing "duelling drabbles" as she's already posted... and she challenged me with the following:

AtS – Season 5 – The Girl in Question – Spike/Angel

Who’s On First?

This time it was Angel stating the obvious. “It’s over, Spike. Really and truly finished. I can’t believe we lost Buffy to… to… him.

“Lost our hearts, the girl, the head … complete tossers, mate. Tell me… are we the same vampires that had most of Europe cowering before our fangs? It couldn’t have been just the women responsible for making the Scourge infamous across the continent.

“We must have run into some kind of mutant enemy – to change us overnight from feared and respected vampires to Abbott and Costello.”

Spike sighed. “Stick a fork in it, Angel. We’re done.”
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