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Hands Drabble For open_on_sunday 05/16/04 - #3

This week, our challenge is Hands. Make of it what you will!

AtS – Season 5 – Damage - Spike

Creature Comforts

If ever there was a man made for sensation, it was Spike. Denied much as a Victorian youth, he reveled in life as a vampire. Sights, sounds, tastes and most of all… touch.

He lived through his skin. Smooth silks, satins and velvets in his earlier days, crisp cottons and harsh denims currently. Nothing came between him and his Calvins.

His touch could pleasure, as well. Seduce the knickers off of any gender with the whisper of lips and the stroke of fingers.

Lying in bed, waiting for his hands to heal, Spike wished someone would touch him for comfort.
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