Spike's Heart (spikes_heart) wrote,
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Just Counting!

Morning, all. It's now 4 am here in black as night Vermont. My Angel download has less than an hour to go, so I'm here for the duration.

Yankees so did not win their last game. Boo! Hiss! **pouts**

Chapter 20 is flowing nicely - up to 2550 words at the moment. Yay, me! Relief from verbal constipation is a good thing.

Interesting thing in that the blood pressure meds I just started taking seem to have relieved me of a constant ringing in my left ear. Geeze - wonder how close I was to actually stroking out? **shudders**

Oh, and I actually got on a scale in the doctor's office the other day... and I ain't telling. Wish I could freakin' forget what I saw. **sighs**

Ah well - welcome to the odd workings of my early morning mind.

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