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Punishment Drabbles For open_on_sunday 05/07/04 - #7-9

This weeks challenge: Punishment
Take it however you like. Could be from not watching TV to someone being 'bad' ;)

This is the last of my Drabble posts for this week's challenge, I promise. Time to go back to Hell and wrap it all up nice and... well, finish it, anyway. **grins**

Hope you've enjoyed this week's NINE - count 'em - NINE efforts. You can thank willa_writes for being the inspiration behind them all.

AtS – Season 3 - Lorne

All Ears

There are days he wishes he’d never left Pylea. No music sounds better and better as the night wore on, and the ‘singers’ become more bellicose with each off-key note that pass their lips.

The S’lugith demon singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” should be dropped head first off Mt. Fuji. Images of splattered brains and twisted limbs make Lorne wistful. The Fyarl warbling “Crazy” would look lovely packed off in a straight jacket and shot full of Thorazine.

Instead, Lorne tells each one what they demand to know of their futures, and silently, secretly wishes to be left alone.

AtS – Season 5 – Post A Hole In The World - Wes

What If?

Wes sits alone in Fred’s bedroom, surrounded by the things she held dear. Her Dixie Chicks poster, her coffee mug, the little blue haired Troll doll she kept for good luck… all made him grieve for her loss.

How could they have allowed her access to that bloody sarcophagus without supervision? Why had he not been there with her? He was in charge of all things mystical, was he not? Had he known… had he seen… perhaps Fred would still be alive.

Instead, that atrocity in Fred’s skin haunts him with his failure. He wishes it were he who died.

AtS – Season 7 – Underneath – Angel/Lindsey

All for the Love of Him

The arrogant little shit! The sneer, the cockiness… the accent was different but all too reminiscent of William. All balls to the fore and fuck the consequences. Angel would take care of that. Lindsey MacDonald would have his balls ripped off and the vampire was pretty sure they’d grow back – just like his heart. Two tidy piles of messy organs in the basement.

As he advanced on Lindsey’s prone form, Angel awoke… feeling far too much like Angelus for his liking. At Wolfram & Hart, the struggle to maintain his soul grew harder every day. Remembering Connor made him stay.
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