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Punishment Drabbles For open_on_sunday 05/07/04 - #1-3

This weeks challenge: Punishment
Take it however you like. Could be from not watching TV to someone being 'bad' ;)

BtVS - Season 7 - Chosen - Buffy/Spike

Mona Lisa Smile

A little half smile plays across her lips as Buffy looks out over the crater that had been Sunnydale. Her sister is safe, as are her friends. She should be giddy that they made it out alive.

What nobody realizes, is that her half smile is also a half-assed attempt at keeping her broken heart from screaming out its torment. She hears Faith say: “We made it, we won” and resists the urge to scream: “Not everybody made it. Do any of you remember Spike?” That’s her cross to bear. Her punishment for not saving the man who saved her.

BtVS - Season 5 - Post The Gift - Spike & Dawn

Fatherhood Sucks

Dawn’s so angry at him. The way she slams her door in his face is like a stake through the heart. Spike knows he’s doing the right thing – not allowing her to go to the party with Ricky, the pimple faced geek.

If her grades don’t pick up, the school will start looking into her home life. If they find out Buffy is gone, he’ll lose Dawn, too.

He pleads with her to let him help. English Lit was always his strong suit. She tells him she wishes she had died on that tower.

Spike wonders who is being punished.

BtVS - Season 4 - Tara

Two Hundred Miles

She sits on the bus, hour after hour, watching the miles go by. As each mile ticks off, Tara adds another tally strike on her mental pad. The first mile is for all their loads of laundry she’ll never have to do again. The fifth mile is for their meals she’d never have to cook again. The tenth mile is for all their put downs she doesn’t have to listen to. Fifty miles for her soaring spirit. Two hundred miles for her new life.

Tara hopes that each mile she leaves behind hurts them as much as it heals her.
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