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Book Drabble For open_on_sunday 05/02/04 - #3

Challenge #58, this week's challenge is brought to us by leni_ba and it's books. Interpret that any way you like. :) Happy drabbling!

BtVS – Season 1-ish – Willow

Little Lamb

As a young child, her favorite birthday presents were books. She got them from her grandparents, and her parents. Her friends were told books were the only acceptable gifts for their girl.

No television for little Miss Willow Rosenberg, no siree. No brain rot or following the music and fashion trends like a fluffy little sheep.

So she watched her friends grow up and buy pretty clothes, and dance to the latest music. Some dyed their hair, others pierced their… whatevers.

Why didn’t anyone see that just once, she would have loved to baah with the rest of the flock?
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