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Book Drabble For open_on_sunday 05/02/04 - #2

Challenge #58, this week's challenge is brought to us by leni_ba and it's books. Interpret that any way you like. :) Happy drabbling!

BtVS – Season 5 – After The Gift – Spike

Neverending Story

He couldn’t take much more. Sunshine beckoned loudly since… well, since she was gone. One hundred forty six days, each one adding another year to his unlife.

Top of the food chain and couldn’t swat flies without a blinding headache. Reduced to babysitting detail! And all because of a promise to a lady.

Bit all tucked away for the night, he spared a glance around. Alone, he picked up their latest book and began to read:

“It was midnight in the howling forest; the wind whistled through the tops of the ancient trees.”

He had to see how it ended.
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