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Books Drabble For open_on_sunday 05/02/04 - #1

Challenge #58, this week's challenge is brought to us by leni_ba and it's books. Interpret that any way you like. :) Happy drabbling!

BtVS – AU – Killed, Literally – Buffy/Spike

Killed, Literally

Buffy was terrified. Her pulse pounding in her throat, sweat puddling underneath her breasts – her breath coming in small gasps – this was her biggest fear. She was going to die tonight.

Angel was long gone, Xander was useless. Willow was too involved in her own life to even notice that Buffy was frantically going under.

Spike approached, every inch the Master Vampire – the fire and passion in his eyes spelt her demise as surely as if he’d never been chipped. He backed her against a chair, her legs giving way and down she went.

“C’mon, pet. Shakespeare never killed anybody.”
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