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sickchicks Drabble Challenge

Truthfully, I'm too afraid of losing the characters from Hell Is In the Details to venture too far from the Hell!verse, so I've drabbled there. Oddly enough - an Angel drabble.

Cross posted to sickchicks and my regular journal.

To Sleep…

Loss and betrayal rival an edged blade in their ability to cause pain, and awareness is a double edged sword. Angelus wielded these tools like a master.

Images of William laid out before him – held fast by chains and cuffs, hole torn and dripping with his Sire’s spendings. No hope of comfort. No desire for rescue. “Yours,” he says. “Always yours, you bastard.”

Held in Gunn’s arms – “You set me free – my own, now!”

Angel awakens with a scream, muffled by the fangs embedded in his lower lip.

And he wonders if he might have gone too far, after all.
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