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Minor Character Drabble For open_on_sunday 04/25/04 - #2

This week's challenge is minor characters.

BtVS 2x10 – What’s My Line Part 2

I Am What I Am

Fucking vampires! Who the hell did they think they were, anyway? **Bam** I need information, Willy. Tell me everything you know and I won’t bust your nose a second time, Willy. I'm a little rusty when it comes to killing humans. It could take a while, Willy. See how you’re laughing now that Spike’s got his hands on you, Angel. Bastard.

Spike’s another one, damn him. He knows he’s a rat – snitch out his own granny for a buck, but Spike makes him feel dirty for it.

And the Slayer? She could hit him any time. He’d spill for her.
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