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Bonus Drabble for Hell Is In the Details - Are You Lonesome Tonight?

**Does the Happy Dance** The most talented willa_writes wrote a little Lorne drabble for me, based on my Hell Is In the Details story. Cross posted in sickchicks and my regular journal for your reading pleasure.

Are You Lonesome Tonight?"

Satin pajamas, silk sheets, and a comforter made of Egyptian linen. Every possible little comfort a cookie like himself could want in a bed. Decadence to run your hands over and a piece of heaven to sink into, all cool and sweet on the skin.

One little trouble - besides himself, it'd be empty. Had been that way for a long time, and he didn't see it changing anytime in the near future.

Sitting down heavily, Lorne ran his hand over the sheets. He matched, verdigris to ivory. Nice contrast, sugar, he complimented himself - unhappily.

Well, he wouldn't let himself sigh. Nope, self-pity wasn't for this sweet little creampuff of a demon, no thank you. A nice little Sea Breeze, heavy on the Sea, and he'd be off to beddy-bye snug as a little bug in a Persian rug.

He wouldn't think about the blond vampire shaped like a god, lying upstairs in his spare bedroom. Wearing his silken robe, sleeping like an angel with those sweet-tasting lips curved up in a smile.

Swallowing his cocktail, Lorne shivered and let the sweet alcohol bear him away into a place where he didn't have to think about it. Wouldn't. And then, couldn't.
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