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Doing The List Thing

Compiled for nihilistbear, a few thoughts on My Buffy off the top of my head. As the cut tag says - I'll work on it from time to time.

My Buffy:

Was as shallow as season one Cordelia, before her calling.

Cares too much about the opinion of her friends, to her own detriment.

Suffers from abandonment issues.

No longer needs her Daddy.

Placed far too much stock in her first love.

Misses her Mommy.

Developed an eating disorder.

Alternately resents and relishes her role as Dawn’s guardian.

Loves her family and will protect them against all odds, to the detriment of her friends or the rest of the world.

Has “bleedin’ tragic taste in men.”

Finally learned there were shades of gray in life and Slaying modes.

Despaired of ever having the elusive ‘normal’ life.

Learned she really didn’t want one.

Sometimes wishes she did.

Loves leather.

Treated Spike like absolute crap, first ignoring him, then using and finally abusing him.

Realized there was value in the monster.

Learned there was weakness in the man.

Relied on the amalgam.

Has balls of steel and a heart made of spun glass.
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