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Sex Drabble For open_on_sunday 04/18/04 - #3

This week's challenge was sex!

BtVS – Season 3 – Revelations – See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me – Angel/Xander
Warnings - implied m/m naughtiness

See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me - Angel/Xander

Xander crept back to the mansion on Crawford Street. Something about the elegant grace of the vampire made Xander hard.

Suddenly tackled to the ground, 200 pounds of solid undead flesh sitting on the small of his back, pinning him in place.

“Knew you’d be back, Xander. Smelled you out here before – all puffed up and jealous.” Grinding his cock into the crease of the ass beneath him, Angel whispered, “Gonna take you boy – ride your ass until you scream for mercy.”

“The c-c-curse,” the boy stammered.

“You think you can make me perfectly happy? You get to try, anyway.”
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