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Sex Drabble For open_on_sunday 04/18/04 - #1

The challenge was sex!

BtVS - Season 6 - F*ck - Buffy/Spike
Warnings: naughty words


Such a little word. Useful in many ways. As a noun: You stupid fuck. You tell ‘em, baby. As a verb: I’m gonna fuck you until you until you see stars, or I’m gonna fuck your shit up. A real action word. Schoolhouse Rock should devote a whole rhyme to it. As an adjective: Your hair looks fucking awful. Take that, Miss Cordelia Chase. Guaranteed to send her screaming into the night.

A rough and tumble word, brings to mind the lovely slapping together of bodies, no pretty words – cock in cunt. Best usage? Oh fuck, Spike – do it again!
Tags: oos drabbles
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