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No Drabbles This Week

I'm all pouty about it - but... the muse has bitten my ass, and it seems as if Hell Is In the Details has all my attention. Oh well, I can always drabble another time, and post it just 'cause.

And the biggest **HUGS** go to willa_writes for being the bestest beta evah!

And god only knows how I am managing to keep up with everyone's RPGs and WIPs - I think it's probably why I'm just cooking dinner now at 9:15. Ah well, so very worthwhile.

Love you all!!!

Except for my lawyer... the fucker wasn't there to answer my call, and hasn't called me back from Friday yet, either. Grrrr! And of course - shithead ranks right down there next to the lawyer. Blech.

Still loves you all!!!!


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Apr. 13th, 2004 02:40 am (UTC)
Too right HiitD should have your attention...I'd kill you if it didn't *g*
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