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New Chapter of Hell Is In the Details - The Breaking Point

Rapidly depleting my stock anthill ('cause 'pile' is too big) of written chapters, here's another one for you. New Chapter of Hell Is In the Details - The Breaking Point.

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Hell Is In the Details – Chapter 3 – The Breaking Point

Spike’s day began with a sharp smack on his ass.

“Up and at ‘em, pretty thing. This here’s your one and only breakfast call. Miss it, and I might just forget about you tomorrow.”

He scrambled to a sitting position, his overriding hunger motivation enough to speed his actions. He accepted the mug of warmed human? blood, too hungry to question its source. Finishing quickly, he handed the empty mug back to Pret.

“That’s a good boy. As long as you’re cooperative and useful, I’ll feed you once a day. More if it’s necessary for healing, occasionally more if I feel you’ve earned it.”

Spike’s hopes sank. There was no way he’d retain his strength on the meager rations outlined for him. He’d be half starved within a week. He didn’t even want to think about injuries serious enough to warrant additional blood for healing.

“Stand up, boy – gonna check you out proper now.” The demon disconnected Spike’s collar chain from the wall. “I don’t have to make threats now, do I?”

Spike shook his head.

“Smart answer. Now, raise your hands over your head and spread your legs. Stand perfectly still no matter what, and I’ll be happy. That’s your goal today, boy – making me happy.”

Pret walked around the silent vampire, running his hands over Spike’s shoulders, down his flanks and to his cheeks, prising them apart to check out the hidden pucker nestled between. Running his finger up and down the crease, Pret could feel the vampire tense and flinch.

“Gonna have to calm down some, or it’s gonna go very badly for you, boy. My goal today is not to hurt you, much – but I’ve got an agenda, and your ass is on it.” He pulled the cot away from the wall. “Lie down on your stomach, hands over your head.”

Spike swallowed nervously, but obeyed without hesitation.

His manacled hands were chained to the cot’s legs, and his neck chain doubled up and attached to a ring in the floor, that prevented him from raising his head more than the slightest amount. Two pillows were placed under his hips to elevate his ass to Pret’s satisfaction. His manacled ankles were chained to the cot’s rear legs.

“Just beautiful, pretty one – all splayed out for me like a buffet lunch. Don’t wanna have to do this,” he said, slipping a ball gag into Spike’s mouth, fastening it behind his head. “Just can’t take chances with scaring the customers away until you’re all ready for business.

“Seems as if I missed a few hairs yesterday,” the demon said, as he stroked his fingers over Spike’s pucker again and again, fascinated as it twitched under his touch. “I’ll just fix that right quick.” A few strokes with the razor, and the vampire was completely smooth.

Remember what I said, boy – you’ve gotta relax. I’ll make it as easy as I can, but you’d better hope I don’t lose patience. You still with me?”

A muffled groan from behind the gag indicated that he was. Pret landed another smack to his ass, hard enough to leave a pink handprint on the right cheek.

The demon retrieved the bottle of oil he’d used last night. Settling onto a chair on the side of the cot, he slicked up several fingers and resumed stroking the vampire from tailbone to balls. He increased the pressure at each pass over the wrinkled pucker, until he slowly sank in to the first knuckle.

“There you go, baby – open up for me. It’s just a little finger and I’ve got such big plans for you.” Slipping his free hand beneath Spike, he noted the vampire’s erection was solid and leaking. “That cock ring’s gonna be there for the duration, boy. This whole exercise is not about your pleasure. It’s not even about your pain. You almost don’t enter into the equation at all.”

Spike felt his muscles give way as Pret’s finger sank in further and further with each stroke – the burn was minor, but the humiliation of being spread out like a starfish with his private bits and pieces open to this demon’s whims was choking him.

“Look at that, baby – such a greedy little hole, grabbing onto my finger and not wanting to let go. Let’s feed it some more,” he crooned, slowly adding first one then two more fingers, pumping all three in and out of Spike’s unresisting body. “One day, lovely thing,” he promised. “One day I’ll fit my whole hand up your ass, and you’ll be looking for more.”

The demon was fascinated by the sight of his fingers disappearing into Spike’s body. He removed them from Spike’s grasping hole, and quickly slicked up both hands. Using the forefinger and middle finger of each hand, he slowly sank all four digits into the vampire.

Whimpers became moans, which became screams as the fingers proceeded to not only pound into Spike’s body, but to stretch his hole from side to side, wide enough for Pret to see the soft pink walls just past the entrance.

“It’s all right, sweet thing. You can do this. Not gonna have much choice about it, so you should be grateful to come out of it with as little damage as possible.”

The muffled screams had stopped and the tautness in the body went slack. Spike had left the building.

“Not bad for a first go round, baby. You rest now. I’ll just keep all that hard work from going to waste with this handy, dandy little plug.” Once again, Pret removed his fingers from Spike’s bottom, slicking up the plug and inserting it gently into his hole. Once it was fully seated, with only the black ring visible outside the body, he got up from the chair.

“I’ll be back soon, don’t miss me too much.” The demon pulled a blanket over Spike’s inert body, tucking it in around his shoulders, and left the room.


He regained consciousness slowly, unaware of how much time had passed. He was still restrained and gagged, unable to move. Felt like Pret had his entire foot up his ass. The burn and fullness had settled to a constant ache.

When the door opened, he realized he had been alone, which meant the bastard had shoved something into him. His ass burned, and his cock felt like it was going to explode.

“Such a pretty picture you make for me, boy. Just might take some one day. There’s a huge market for demon porn, you know. Most humans believe it’s all done with special effects and makeup. Blind fools don’t look at what’s there right under their noses.”

Pret walked over to the cot, and knelt down, able to look Spike in the face. “How you doing, pretty boy? All wide open and ready for me?” He stretched his arm around the vampire’s body, to toy with the plug. With a slight flick of his wrist, he worked the plug further into Spike’s abused channel, making him writhe and scream once more. “That’s it, sweet thing – sing for Pret. All stuffed up and aching for me.”

The demon had already stopped looking at Spike’s tear streaked face. He walked around to the end of the cot and unzipped his pants, taking his cock out and stroking it harshly as he continued to speak. “Haven’t had such a lovely piece of ass in years, boy – gonna be nice to sink into a hole and not worry about falling out. You’ll hold me tight, won’t you? Like a firm handshake you’re gonna be.”

A quick tug ~far too quick for Spike’s comfort ~ and the plug was removed. Spike’s hole gaping and fluttering at him, caused Pret to breathe heavily. He slicked himself in preparation, then lightly began a stroking and sinking pattern with his fingers, alternating outside and inside touches.

“Here it comes, boy – get ready to meet your Master,” he crowed, and shoved himself into Spike with one vicious thrust.

Kill me!

If I’ve ever done anything good or kind, just send down a bolt of lightning and burn me to dust.


It hurt less than this.

Spike’s body bowed in half with the force of the demon’s thrusts. Pret could hear the metal of the links holding the vampire’s neck in place strain towards a breaking point.

“That’s it boy, your ass is the sweetest ride around, and I’m not getting off any time soon.” Pret settled himself in for a steady pace, thrusting in and out, shallow, then deep, shallow then deep, shallow then buried so far in he couldn’t move.

He noticed a sudden laxness in his victim again, but continued to thrust. “Don’t matter to me, baby. Told you it wasn’t about your pleasure or pain. Gonna get my end off eventually, and you’ll have plenty of resting time.”

For the next hour or so, the only sounds in the room were Pret’s heavy breathing and the creaking of the cot. When he was done, he pulled himself out, wiped himself off on Spike’s blanket, and left the unconscious vampire as he was, bare assed and dripping.

Dead to the world.
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