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Hmmmm. How to delicately phrase this? I do believe I've found my missing blush. Haven't blushed since discovering Kirk/Spock slashy goodness in 1990.

I received a phone call from an old friend of mine last night - haven't spoken with this woman in at least five years. The first thing out of her mouth was "I have a 25 point question for you." Me, being the game sorta gal I am, said "Ask away." Question was... "Quick - name the first guy you ever slept with." Answer was "Jeff G. Why do you ask?" Absolutely no hesitation whatsoever. She replied "Guess who I had dinner with last night?" BLUSHES

Seems they were talking about where they went to high school, and about whether or not they had friends in common. She went through about ten names before mine, and he didn't know any of 'em. Me? He remembered and told her he was my first. She didn't believe a word of it. Of course she called me - now she's going to call him back to apologize for calling him a liar.

Oh My God - I mean... how do you deal with your freaking deflowering being the pre-dinner conversation of your friends some THIRTY ONE YEARS after the fact? And is it ridiculously absurd for me to be grateful that he was loving in his memories, and actually asked how I was doing, and if my marriage was still going strong? (His wasn't, either.) Could have been really bad - at least he didn't say "Ewww, her? Freaking lousy lay - hope she got better with practice."

**snickers** looking forward to getting his email address, 'cause I'm thinkin' that some happy memories are just what I need right now.
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