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Once More, With Feeling

I guess that doesn't leave me much more to tell - called the lawyer just a moment ago - seems that shithead still hasn't signed the papers - not a word heard from the bastard. Nothing. He's hiding out, waiting for me to die I suppose. Lawyer claims he's calling him again to try and light a fire under his ass.

I expressed my anger as clearly as I could - said it's going on four fucking years - and it's a simple freaking divorce. No property to speak of - assets had been divided equally. Just a simple pay me and leave me alone deal. Well... that and the fact that there's a "can't collect public assistance and alimony" clause - think it's standard. So if I go to collect PA, then I can't get any money from him, but he's not giving me any money, so I should apply for PA, but if I apply for PA, then I can't get any money from him - SHOOT ME NOW.

Even worse, he's going to have to start a whole new suit if this can't be resolved. I don't want to do this anymore. I really don't think I have enough left in me to go through it again. Times are getting worse for me - and I'm wallowing. Can't motivate myself - gonna end up with nothing, fast. Hate him, hate lawyers, hate life in general. Hate, hate, hate - and it's fucking killing me.

Thanks to anyone who bothers to read about my bullshit and cares. It helps. It's all I've got and I appreciate it. Just tell me one thing, please. Why is it the bastards always seem to win?
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