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Drabble For open_on_sunday 04/04/04 - #3

This week's challenge is write a drabble based on a title from a Tori Amos song, in any way that said title inspires you.

AtS – Season 5 – Baker, Baker - Spike

Baker, Baker

Angel invited him out for drinks after work. The elder vampire knocked back glass after glass, muttering to himself, mainly, odd words filtering out to Spike. He hadn’t been able to make any sense out of them – cookies, dough, baking. Was he turning into the vampiric Betty Crocker?

When they parted ways, Angel said, “Nice knowing you, Baker Man. Don’t say I never gave you anything.”

As he neared his door, he was accosted by a familiar scent. “Welcome back, Spike,” said Buffy, and flew into his arms.

“Not to come off strange, luv – but did you bring me cookies?
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