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What Did I Do Twenty Five Years Ago Today?

At 11:59 am, April 1, 1979 - I gave birth to my first child. A son. Blessed him with the name Michael, and gave him initials that read M.A.D. He was delivered by an OB with the name of Lecher (who retired after delivering my second son, less than 4 years later).

I find it extremely appropriate. And very giggle worthy. And 100% true. Called the little darling to make with the birthday wishes and woke up the hungover baby. Spent the next half hour having one of the nicest conversations we've had in ages. Hope he remembers some of it.

I miss him, and haven't seen him or his brother since August 3, 2002. It's grey and rainy and I feel blue. But at least I spoke with him, so it's something.
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