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My own impatience rears its head, and therefore I am posting the next chapter of
The Devil's Gift for you to enjoy (hopefully).

The rain keeps trying to lull me back to sleep, but I shall try to fight its siren
song. I'm already annoyed that the Yankees/Houston game has been postponed until
tomorrow. Ah, well... not much I can do about it, right?

Hoping everyone is warm and dry this not-so-fine evening.


The Devil's Gift - Chapter 2Collapse )

Brand New Fic - The Devil's Gift

Happy Monday to you all. I have the first chapter of a Buffy/Lucifer crossover for
your perusal. It's sort of gen, though aiming towards pre-Spuffy.

Summary: What if… when Lucifer created a tear in the world to send his mother off to create her own universe, Buffy Summers popped into existence, fresh from her swan dive off the tower in Season 5?

The idea for this story came about in a discussion with liliaeth quite a few years ago. She and I wrote about half of this story together, until other projects led her on a separate path. The rest of the story is mine, alone.

Please note that Spike will actually appear only in the final chapter, though he will be referenced often in the preceding chapters. Consider this fic more laying the groundwork for Spuffy, as opposed to blatant Spuffy content.

The banner is once more a creation of the uber-talented Twinkles, who, as part of my delightful triad of Betas including Stalwartsandall and micrindle23, make my work much better than it was.


The Devil's Gift - Chapter 1Collapse )
Chapter five brings us to the end of my little tale. Hopefully you've enjoyed
the ride.

As always, all comments are welcomed.

This was a challenge fic set forth by Kittenshift17 on Elysium Fields
The parameters of her challenge are behind the cut.

ChallengeCollapse )


Enemy, Mine - Chapter FiveCollapse )

Again, as always, a shout out to my triad of betas: Twinkles, micrindle23, and Stalwartsandall. You make me better that I am without you.


Believe it or not, this is the penultimate chapter of my tale. It was
always meant to be a short little ficlet, and for a change, the muse
and the characters agreed with me.

Hope you're still enjoying - as always, please feel free to comment.

Just one more chapter left to go - see you next Monday, hopefully!


Enemy, Mine - Chapter FourCollapse )


Here we are at the beginning of Fall, and a Monday more suitable to Summer entertains us.
The weather will change soon enough, I suppose.

We're already midway through Enemy, Mine's story. Hoping you're enjoying the tale as it

As always, my thanks go to my beta trio - Twinkles, Micrindle23 and Stalwartsandall. Any
post-beta boo-boos are all due to my fiddling.

All comments are welcome here, as always.


Enemy, Mine - Chapter ThreeCollapse )


Don't feel like waiting until Friday to post - so today I have for you
the second of five chapters of my little ficlet.

Once again, all hail my triumvirate of betas: Twinkles, mcrindle23 and
Stalwartsandall. They help to make me better.

Read and enjoy - all comments are welcome.


Enemy, Mine - Chapter TwoCollapse )


New Fic!!! And on Friday the 13th, Too!!

Hey there, everyone! Hope this Friday the 13th finds you all well and in top form.

This fic is in response to a challenge over at Elysian Fields, by
Kittenshift17. One of the rare times I've attempted to follow someone else's muse. Her original title was Shattered,
but she gave her permission to rename it something else, so I did.

As usual, this fic has been betaed by the delightful triad of Twinkles, micrindle23,
and Stalwartsandall, all located at Elysian Fields.

Banner by the uber-talented Twinkles

Summary: Buffy shows up on Spike's doorstep one night. She's shivering, bleeding, and scared. There's a dazed look in her eyes - she looks drugged. She looks like she's been through hell. (full challenge will be revealed at the end of the story) AU set just after Something Blue

Enemy, Mine - Chapter OneCollapse )


I've parked the car. Our ride is over and we've arrived at our destination.
It took awhile, at least in my head for this fic to take shape, but in the
end, I think it accomplished everything I wanted it to.

I hope you've enjoyed my sharing it with you. It's been a pleasure.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 14Collapse )
My bad, folks. Put too many things into my sieve-like brain, and I tend
to lose one that's already in there. Forgot to post yesterday's chapter
of Pieces of Me.

This is what I get for trying to juggle two fics at once. Yes, that's right.
Another fic will follow on the heels of this one. And it's already completed!

Joy and rapture!! Read and enjoy. Comment if you feel like it.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 13Collapse )
Had a senior moment today, and forgot to post the latest chapter of
Pieces of Me. The end is nigh, for this fic, and I am happy that
will be yet another one under my belt.

I've lived in fear of the eternal WIP, and thanks to my two betas, Twinkles
and stalwartsandall, we've accomplished miracles.

Read and enjoy - as always, feel free to comment or encourage.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 12Collapse )

At Long Last - New Chapter of Pieces of Me

Hey there, everyone. It's been a couple of weeks and the muse has been
blocked... but slowly, surely, she seems to be coming around.

So today, I'm pleased to offer the latest chapter, and glad to say there
are a few more after this in the hold, as well.

As always, please feel free to comment and encourage. That never goes awry.
Hope the start of a new week finds you all well and happy.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 11Collapse )
And here we have the last of my safety net - the latest chapter of
Pieces of Me. I guess this means chaining the muse to her chair and
hoping she can cough up another chapter in a somewhat timely fashion.

In the meantime, please read and enjoy. As always, comments and
encouragement are always welcome.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 10Collapse )
Once more, sieve brain strikes, and I almost forgot that Monday means
posting the next chapter of my little tale.

I only have one more chapter in the hold, and that is in need of editing
at the moment. Really hoping the muse awakens in time to get more done.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this chapter. As always, please feel
free to comment and encourage. the muse needs all the help she can get.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 9Collapse )
It's nearing the witching hour on Monday night, so I'm sneaking
this chapter in under the wire.

Only two more chapters stockpiled. Am hoping to gently coax the
muse into getting her ass in gear to finish this one sometime in
the near future.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 8Collapse )


Please note that I tried matching Daniel’s conception and birth dates up with aired Buffy episodes, but I ended up nearly tearing my hair out. Not being a geneticist, I’m just gonna say the scientists diddled with Spike’s jizz, Buffy’s DNA and a stripped ovum from some other poor, unsuspecting human, and voila! Daniel is now two years old! Please just go with this.
Late, late, late to the party but it's still Monday, so I'm posting
Pieces of Me's latest chapter.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment, as always.

Rapidly running out of the stockpile of written chapters. This move has
put the muse in traction for the time being.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 7Collapse )
We have officially moved into our new apartment, kitties have even ventured out
from under my bed and explored their new domain. Unpacking like a madwoman, which
is why I'm late with the posting yet once again.

Hope you enjoy - please feel free to comment or encourage as you see fit.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 6Collapse )
Sorry for the late post, you guys, but the move in progress is all consuming.
We have to be out of here by Friday, and there still seems to be so much to do.

So, by the skin of my teeth, I get this out for your perusal. Hope you enjoy.
As always, comments are always encouraged.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 5Collapse )
Still in the process of moving - expecting another couple of
weeks of turmoil before turning in the keys to the old place.

Still managing the time to post the latest chapter, albeit
later than I would have liked. Enjoy!


Pieces of Me - Chapter 4Collapse )

New Chapter - Pieces of Me

Hey there, everyone - it's another Monday, so it's time for the newest
chapter of Pieces of Me. My son and I are in the process of moving to a
larger apartment, so if postings become spotty, you'll know why.

Hope you enjoy the unfolding tale.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 3Collapse )

New Chapter - Pieces of Me

An absolutely beautiful Monday, and I am here with the next chapter
of Pieces of Me.

Hope you enjoy - as always, words of encouragement or constructive
crit are welcomed.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 2Collapse )


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