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Still in the process of moving - expecting another couple of
weeks of turmoil before turning in the keys to the old place.

Still managing the time to post the latest chapter, albeit
later than I would have liked. Enjoy!


Pieces of Me - Chapter 4Collapse )

New Chapter - Pieces of Me

Hey there, everyone - it's another Monday, so it's time for the newest
chapter of Pieces of Me. My son and I are in the process of moving to a
larger apartment, so if postings become spotty, you'll know why.

Hope you enjoy the unfolding tale.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 3Collapse )

New Chapter - Pieces of Me

An absolutely beautiful Monday, and I am here with the next chapter
of Pieces of Me.

Hope you enjoy - as always, words of encouragement or constructive
crit are welcomed.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 2Collapse )

A Brand New Fic!

About six years ago, I had an idea for this fic, and roughly wrote out the first chapter.
It was never shared, anywhere. Nothing else came of it until recently. Definitely a work
in progress, I have nine chapters written with no idea of how many more are to come.

I'll post one chapter per week, unless my impatience gets the better of me, as usual.
Hope you enjoy my latest offering!

Summary: In a bid to create the perfect Super-Soldier, what if the Initiative went a little bit further than what was common knowledge?

Warning - if you like Riley Finn, this fic is most likely not for you.


Pieces of Me - Chapter 1Collapse )

This fic was beta-read by my dear stalwartsandall and fabulously talented banner artist Twinkles. Any remaining gaffes are due to my post-beta fiddling.

Crazy Eights - Chapter 19

Well, here it is, folks - the conclusion of Crazy Eights.
It's been a long time coming, but it's done, at last and
ready for your perusal.

It's been a pleasure to share my little tale with you. Hopefully
you've enjoyed the journey.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 19 - Full HouseCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 18

Today is a nice, bright, sunny Thursday, and I have to offer the
penultimate chapter of Crazy Eights for your enjoyment. I can't
quite believe this is almost finished.

Enjoy, and comment if you feel like it.

Tomorrow is another day.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 18 - One for the RoadCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 17

Looked out the window today and was frightened half to death. There was
a huge ball of yellow in the sky! Took a bit, but I finally recognized the
sun!! It's been so long.

Anyway, in honor of the phenomenon, I'm posting the next chapter of Crazy Eights.
It's yours to read and enjoy, and hopefully comment on. **hugs**


Crazy Eights - Chapter 17 - Two-FacedCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 16

It's Tuesday, and another chapter of Crazy Eights comes to light.
Please note, this is my attempt at a little 'intimacy'.

Hope you enjoy, would love to hear from you. Not many more to go

Think it's time to check out the Bunny Folder.


Crazy eights - Chapter 16 - Three's a CrowdCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 15

Dear God, will this rain ever stop? It makes me so tired I'm having a
hard time staying out of bed for more than ten minutes at a time!!

Anyway, to shake off the Rainy Monday Blues, I'm posting the very next
chapter of Crazy Eights for you. It might not keep you dry, but it might
make you smile.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 15 - The Four HorsemenCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 14

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends out there with children or
furry children, or children with scales, etc. May today be kind
to you in all possible ways.

Here's the next chapter of Crazy Eights - hoping you enjoy it, as


Crazy Eights - Chapter 14 - Take FiveCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 13

Another Saturday night and I ain't got no money, but I do have the
latest chapter of Crazy Eights for you.

Kick back, relax, read, and comment if you feel like it. Most of all,


Crazy Eights - Chapter 13 - Watch Your SixCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 12

It's the end of another week, with Mother's Day approaching this coming
Sunday. Wishing all you mothers (of human children or furry ones) the
best of things to come for all you do.

In the meantime, here's the next chapter (and the first totally brand new
one since 2004. Hope you enjoy, and of course, I encourage you to comment.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 12 - Seven Come ElevenCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 11

Good afternoon, everyone. It's time once again to post the latest
chapter of Crazy Eights. We're just slightly past the halfway mark
now and happily chugging along with the everyday posting.

Hope you enjoy. Please read and comment if you choose. I love hearing
from you all.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 11 - Behind the Eight BallCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 10

Sorry for the later than normal posting - was busy looking at
my new apartment! My son and I should be getting the keys in
about two weeks - it will be nice to have a room with a door
once again - it's only been ten years without one.

Read and enjoy - comment if you feel like it.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 10 - Nine to FiveCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 9

Dawn's in trouble, it must be Tuesday. Heh - Still no Dawn in this fic.

But it is Tuesday, so here's another chapter of Crazy Eights for you.

As always, I hope you enjoy, and would love to hear from you.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 9 - It's Ten O'Clock and All's Not WellCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 8

Welcome to a new week - here's a new chapter of Crazy Eights to greet you.

Hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to comment, as usual. Would love to hear from you.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 8 - Jack of All TradesCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 7

It's a yucky, grey Sunday, with nothing to do but laze around the house and wait for the
Yankees game (and hope it doesn't get rained out. In the meantime, here's the next chapter of
the tale for your enjoyment.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 7 - Queen for a DayCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 6

Yay - it's the weekend! Lots of time for reading and relaxing, right?

As usual, here's the next chapter of Crazy Eights for your perusal.

Hoping you enjoy - all comments welcome.


Crazy Eights - Chapter 6 - King of All He SurveysCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 5

Another day, another chapter. Happy Friday, folks, as I bring
you the next chapter in my tale.

Feel free, as always, to comment. Enjoy, and have a terrific


Crazy Eights - Chapter 5 - An Ace in the HoleCollapse )

Crazy Eights - Chapter 4

As the label on the package states - here we go with Chapter 4.

Once more, comments are encouraged. Your opinions matter to me.



Crazy Eights - Chapter 4 - A New Club in TownCollapse )


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