All in the Family

It's Thursday - Why Not Post the Latest Chapter of All in the Family?

I keep meaning to post a new chapter on Mondays, yet somehow it stays unposted. Breaking
out of my lethargy to actually get things done, here we go with the newest chapter, as
I'm still in search of my wandering muse.

Again, as always, comments are encouraged. Please, read and hopefully enjoy.


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All in the Family

Another Not-So-Pleasant Valley Monday - Brings with it the Latest Chapter of All in the Family

On Friday, all three kitties had a little visit with the vet - and they can still
chase the other puppies all over the place! The little'uns have an upper-respiratory
infection, presenting as gunky eyes for Jeter, and sneezing for Buffy. Tigger's
blood work should be back tomorrow. Otherwise, all seem healthy and happy. (pu pu pu)

Hope y'all enjoy this next chapter. Of course, as always, comments are encouraged
and appreciated beyond belief.


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All in the Family

Thursday - and an Unscheduled Post of the Next Chapter of All in the Family

It's been an interesting week, to say the least. My son and I have acquired two new
additions to our family - a pair of adorkable three month old kittens. We have our first
war wounds, and my phone wire was the first to fall prey to the aptly named Buffy.

With my mood considerably lightened, I'm posting the latest chapter of All in the Family
for your perusal.

As always, of course, encouragement and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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All in the Family

Gasps! Trying to get Back in the Swing of Thnigs - a New Chapter of All in the Family

Hey, all. Real life has been a bear, and taken the sail out of my fic writing.
Trying to get back into it by posting the small backlog of All in the Family.
With luck, as I near the last chapter in store, I'll be able to continue on
with the tale with the half-written chapter left in limbo for so long.

Please forgive the delay. Hopefully there's still some interest. As always,
feel free to comment and encourage. It won't hurt, for sure.


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Heart of Glass

New Fic - One Shot - Heart of Glass

Just a small, self-indulgent one-shot, to help me work through the
grief of losing my sweet Minx.

Set during Intervention, where Buffy admitted her fears of turning
to stone to Giles.

As usual, thanks to my betas Stalwartsandall and Twinkles for their eagle-eyes
and encouragment.

Please note, as always, comments are always welcomed.

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Buffy Numb

Rest in Peace, My Sweet Girl

After a long illness, my sweet, almost twelve year old Minx passed away tonight.

My heart breaks, To quote Tara - It's always sudden.

My only comfort lies in knowing she's no longer suffering and no longer in pain.

February 14, 2008
January 09, 2020
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For Puppies and Christmas

A Slightly Late Ficlet (from 2004) - For Puppies and Christmas

Of course I meant to post this ficlet in time for Christmas, but real life interfered.
My poor kitty, Minx, is drastically ill, so needs all of my attention. Medication
schedules rule my days now.

Anyway... waaaay back in 2004, this was supposed to be a gifty for spikesbint.
I have no clue if she's still active on LJ, but I finally finished this little piece of
all-human fluff. Hope someone enjoys it.

Summary: William Pratt is a veterinarian opening his new practice in the States, and Buffy Anne Summers is the woman he hires as his assistant. He’s a quiet, meticulous man - particular in the way he runs his clinic, and Buffy brings a certain breath of fresh air into his office, and into his life.
(parameters of the fic will be posted after the final chapter).

Banner created by the talented Twinkles

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